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By far, the most enjoyble music experience is jamming with your friends - whether in the studio, performing together on the stage, or just for fun, there is nothing that beats the rush of playing live music. Our school gives unique opportunities to our students to join ensembles and bands and perform at our school concerts and community events.

Placement in an ensembles is dependant on several factors, such as instruments, number of participants, music styles and vocal style. Band members get to play a wide array of styles like Rock, Jazz, Classical, Pop, Country, and many more. Styles of music are always changing, and along with taking individual lessons, students are constantly learning new things.

We offer:
  • Band: electric or acoustic guitars (solo, rhythm, bass), keyboard, drums and vocal
  • Acustic guitars ensemble
  • Electric guitars ensemble
  • Keyboard ensemble
  • Vocal ensemble for kids 7-10 years old
Student music concert 2011.