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One-on-one and group lessons with ensemble opportunities.

Focusing on the educational needs of the developing singer and offering large and small ensemble performing experience. Singing in bi-annual recitals is encouraged and lectures pertaining to the study of classical voice are part of this program. Instruction will include sight reading and ear training, the international phonetic alphabet and diction.

Our curriculum includes proper breathing and use of the diaphragm muscles, how to use the vocal cords correctly, how to create quality of tone by resonating the voice, proper facial expressions for the different vowel sounds, how to safely and effectively increase range, how to project the voice using a visualization technique, proper use of dynamics and proper microphone technique.

Sight reading, ear training, and harmony are recommended but not required - sight reading, (solfeggio) can be useful in a career involving musical theatre or studio session work.

Student music concert 2011.
Hanna Liashchevich (and Band)
" My Everything "