About us

At ORANTA, we believe in a well-rounded musical education.

Practical Development

Our system is based on the three elements of music: melody, harmony, and rhythm. Students will be exposed to all elements of music from the start to develop a good ear, proper musicianship, and practical dexterity. Regular lessons and at-home practice are equally important for a successful musical career.

Theoretical Knowledge

Theoretical and historical knowledge are the cornerstones of a proper music education, which would allow the student to eventually mould their own musical style. Although you may want to be a visionary right away, it is important to learn the rules before you break them.


Although practice is important, it is equally important to be able to showcase one's abilities in a professional manner. All of our students are encouraged to perform at our annual summer and winter concerts. This is a festive occasion, accompanied by a three course meal, refreshments, and raffle, as well as the opportunity to witness our growing muscians' progress.

We offer two approaches to music education!

Music as a general interest

The students in the general interest program are free to choose the amount of weekly lessons, as well as genre(s) of music which they wish to study.

Music for RCM exams

The students in the RCM Exam preparation should take a minimum 2 classes weekly; the repertoire is focused more on classical music with bigger component of music theory.

Music programs

A variety of interests for all ages and levels!


Our piano program is most effective when taken in conjunction with the RCM curriculum. From Preparatory level to ARCT, we will help you along the way. If you feel RCM isn't for you, we have custom programs available for students who want to learn at their own pace.


Compared to our Piano program, Keyboard is a modern style of playing piano using an electric keyboard. Curriculum is taken from all eras of music, but mostly from modern music.

Classical guitar

Our classical guitar program is intended for those who are passionate about fingerstyle playing and classical music. Featuring music from Tarrega, Segovia, Sor, and many others. RCM curriculum is available and encouraged.

Electric guitar

Our electric guitar program covers many styles such as Jazz, Blues, Rock, and even Classical. For beginners and seasoned musicians alike, all techniques of electric guitar playing will be covered, from basic to advanced.


Focusing on the educational needs of the developing singer and offering one-on-one and group lessons with ensemble opportunities. Flexible repertoire is explored, from classical to modern, while exploring many different techniques.


Learning to play drums is a great way to improve problems with innate rhythm. It also affords opportunities to play in a band or ensemble setting.

Music theory

Theoretical and historical knowledge is a must for any serious musician. It allows the the musician to understand what they're playing, and why they're playing. It is also integral in composition, for musicians who want to take their craft to the limit.


All of our students are welcome to join a band or ensemble, depending on their skill level. Playing in a group is not only more fun, but increases musicianship, theoretical understanding, and teamwork.


Registration is ongoing throughout the year, however spots fill up fast.
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Coronavirus 2019 updates
Reopening after winter holidays

Dear parents and students, in accordance with municipal and provincial guidelines, we are to remain closed over the winter break, and will be opening our doors for one-on-one lessons on January 11, 2021. Masks, sanitizer, and social distancing guidelines are still in effect. Students and parents: Until the beginning of the class, whenever possible, please wait outside. Parents: Please minimize time spent inside studio, and wait to pick up your children at the end of class, whenever possible.

All the best, ORANTA team

Students showcase concert 2020
Thanks to everyone for their enthusiastic participation!

This year has been challenging for all of us. We decided to do our annual concert a little bit differently. Although there was no concert this year, some students were still eager to show off their skills. Enjoy!

Online showcase