Programs Outlines

We offer instruction in piano, keyboard, guitar, bass, drums, vocal, music history, and theory. For the more experienced musicians, we recommend joining a band or ensemble. We teach many styles of music in an effort to give students an unbiased look at music. Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Country and many other styles are explored in our classrooms. We equip our students with the best skills in performance, sight-reading, and theoretical understanding. This helps them to progress on their way to becoming accomplished musicians.

There are 2 aproaches of the music programs:
  • Music as a general interest program
  • Music for RCM exams
The students in the RCM Exam preparation should take a minimum 2 classes weekly; the repertoire is focused more on classical music with bigger component of music theory. There isn't a big difference in the skills formed and basic fundamentals of these two approaches. It's more about the timing and repertoire. Parents and studens can choose the appropriate and more satisfuctying concept.
We offer an individual lesson plan:
  • Weekly
  • Twice per week
Based on 36-39 weeks in the school year there is a flexible combinations of lessons. Lesson times range from 30 to 60 minutes depending upon the needs of the student and the advice of the instructor. All lessons take place in our our music studio and may be scheduled between after-school hours, weeknights, and weekends.